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What should you keep in mind when going to sesshin?
  • Sesshin is a collective Zen practice designed to help everyone realize Master Dogen's words, "To know oneself is to forget oneself." In terms of concrete action, this means that on retreat we put aside our personal "wants" and "don'ts" and act together with everyone else.
  • On a sesshin, there is a schedule that must be followed.
  • Sesshin has a beginning and an end, and unless specifically stated, a retreat cannot be joined after it has begun and left before it has ended
  • We understand that the atmosphere of the retreat is created by everyone's practice, and we take every action responsibly, recognizing that it affects the people around us.
  • If we are given a job to do, we do it as carefully as possible, as the most important thing in life, done for the sake of ourselves and the good of all beings.
  • We naturally begin to see many opportunities to help others right now. (Pass the gravy to your table neighbor, help with work, clean up after yourself, don't stomp your feet in the hallways after lights out, just smile and be friendly). If you don't see these opportunities, you are definitely not here and now.
  • The key to practicing Zen is attention, and sesshin is the time to try to be constantly attentive from moment to moment. This means that:
  • In sesshin, our focus is not on producing judgments and opinions, but on following the process of how they arise. Simply put, we are more silent than speaking, agreeing more and arguing less.
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